December 21, 2019

Las Vegas Hotels

Hotels Etc.

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and need to find a nice
Las Vegas Hotel at an affordable rate?

You have a few options to find the cheapest Las Vegas Hotel
and some of those options include,

1.?????Call the Hotel Direct

2.?????Use a public website to book your room

3.?????Look for a hotel coupon

4.?????Monitor and watch daily deal sites

5.?????Use your Travel
Membership Card

The biggest problem with the first four options is you will
not get the best rate on your hotel because those options are considered public
rates. The Craziest thing is that at one point there were companies advertising
50% off the rack rate. You the consumer think you are getting an incredible
deal but did you know the rack rate is the highest rate you will pay for a
hotel. Once consumers started catching onto that marketing scheme they started
to promote a discount based off the “BAR” rate or also known as the best available
rate. The only issue is that everywhere you look you see discounts that are off
the bar rate. The reason is because these larger booking engines are buying
inventory at Merchant rates and jacking up the rate and then adding commission
and fees when you book. You think you are getting a good deal but in the end
you are just making them richer.

If you are looking for cheap Las Vegas hotels or cheap
hotels anywhere then you should consider a travel membership club such as
Hotels Etc. As a member you have access to exclusive travel and entertainment offers,
discounts and specials that are not available to the public. Hotels Etc.
agreements are licensed and authorized with the products and services that we
offer exclusively for this program. All of the offers that are represented are
either exclusive discounts, a
special hard to get offer, or provide a special benefit with preferred access
or preferred seating. Hotels Etc. offers you a convenient and reliable service
to also save you time and money on your travel and entertainment. The discounts
that you see on our hotels include discounts based off the merchant rates which
you will NEVER find on any of the public sates.

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December 21, 2019


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