November 10, 2023

The Rise of Staycations: Discovering Hidden Gems in Your Own Backyard with Hotels Etc.

Hotels Etc.

The concept of a vacation often conjures images of distant lands and exotic locales. However, the recent trend of staycations has shown that adventure and relaxation can be found right in our own backyards. With Hotels Etc., uncovering these local treasures has never been more rewarding.

Why Staycations are Gaining Popularity


No need for long-haul flights or extensive planning. Staycations offer a hassle-free break.


Save on travel expenses and splurge on experiences.

Local Exploration

Rediscover your city or region from a tourist’s perspective.


Reduced travel means a smaller carbon footprint.

How Hotels Etc. Enhances Your Staycation Experience

Exclusive Local Deals

From spa packages to gourmet dining, enjoy exclusive discounts for members.

Curated Experiences

Hotels Etc. offers recommendations tailored to local attractions and experiences.

Community Reviews

Benefit from the experiences of fellow members, ensuring you get the most out of your staycation.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Staycation with Hotels Etc.

1. Think Like a Tourist 

Research local attractions, museums, parks, or new places you haven’t explored yet.

2. Indulge in Luxury

Consider booking a night at a local luxury hotel or trying out a gourmet restaurant in your city.

3. Reconnect with Nature

Explore local hiking trails, botanical gardens, or nature reserves.

4. Cultural Exploration

Attend local theater performances, art exhibitions, or cultural festivals.

5. Relax and Rejuvenate

Book a spa day, meditation retreat, or wellness workshop.


Staycations offer a unique opportunity to see our surroundings with fresh eyes. With Hotels Etc., these local adventures are not only convenient but also filled with exclusive perks and benefits. So, before you think of jetting off to a distant land, consider the hidden gems waiting to be discovered right at your doorstep.

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Hotels Etc.

November 10, 2023


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