May 28, 2020

Vacations: Spend less, save more

Hotels Etc.

Vacations: Spend
Less, Save More

There’s an old saying that “you get what you
pay for” and many travel companies will be the first to inform their customers
with such statements when it comes to choosing the right vacation. But what if
this wasn’t exactly true? What if you could have the highest quality vacation
at an affordable price?

In a time when there has never been as much competition
for business or as many options to choose from; being able to afford the best
quality vacation is not so much about having thousands of dollars but more
about acting smart by spending less and saving more.

Spending LESS

The prospect of saving for a vacation can be
a daunting one and with the average household budget already under assault from
an endless number of bills, it can be difficult to save anything at all.


Unfortunately most people neglect the single
reason which allows for a decent level of saving over a long period. It’s not
about taking on extra jobs or seeking out ways to find extra income but rather,
it’s about working out all the ways in which you can spend less.

The removal of alcohol or cigarettes from an
annual budget would be enough to cover the entire cost of a vacation but there
are also much slighter changes which can be made to budget to make sure your
dream trip happens; You probably don’t need another pair of shoes, you could
probably do with the exercise each day instead of driving for the groceries and
maybe you could focus on eating out less by practicing some home cooking more

The point being, most of the costs we incur
on a daily basis are not actually necessary and at the very least, they could
be significantly reduced with a small conscious effort. Saving money is
obviously important but learning how to spend less is most likely the most
effective way to get a head start on the holiday fund.


As mentioned above, the most effective way
to save money is actually by spending less but this is even more important when
it comes to paying the costs of the vacation itself.

You see, there are many travel booking
engines online who will gladly take your hard earned cash in exchange for a low
cost vacation package but there has been an important development in the travel
market recently which has changed everything for such providers.

Essentially, a new law called “Rate Parity”
has meant that these booking engines can no longer offer the big discounts or
low prices they once did in the past. This means for example you will now find
the same price for a hotel on Expedia, as you will on or Unfortunately for these brands, they can no longer provide the
customer with the great value for which they became so famous.

However, there is still a way to find huge
discounts online and this comes in the form of a Company called Hotels etc.

Hotels Etc is a private membership club who
has been providing massive discounts to millions of members for the past
20 years. The Company is actually an exception to the Rate parity laws which
now restrict the other travel brands online and this has allowed them to
continue providing a value to their clients which is unrivalled in the current

You save money by spending less and this is
exactly what Hotels Etc are all about. They negotiate big discounts with major
providers and the pass these savings on to their clients in exchange for a
small membership fee.

The great thing about this membership is
that it doesn’t just cover the costs of your vacation but it also extends to a
range of products and services which can be used year round such as Movie
Theatre discounts, restaurant discounts, and golf course offers.

The advice might sound simple but it could
very well be the difference between you affording a great vacation at the end
of year, or none at all. So stop spending, get signed up with Hotels Etc today
and start discovering the easy process that will make your dream trip happen next year.

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May 28, 2020


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