April 11, 2019

Find The Best Online Internet Rates With Hotels Etc

Hotels Etc.

Hotels Etc. Beats Best Online Internet Rates

Loganville, Georgia USA, July 1, 2013 – Hotels Etc proudly announced today their new business platform, the Travel and Entertainment Discount Club.

Hotels Etc. has been consistent, since 1996, in bringing satisfaction and joy to its members by offering a broad array of travel and entertainment discounts. In line to its precedence – service par excellence, therefore, launches its Travel and Entertainment Discount Club, a private membership club of Hotels Etc who aims to negotiate and secure the most sought after discounts on the globe.

“Hotels Etc has been working very hard since 1996 to secure the deepest discounts on the net and we now have them” — Shawn Pigg, CEO

Travelling is undeniably entertaining and de-stressing, but it can be totally expensive. Hotels Etc CEO, Shawn Pigg responded to the need thus came up with the best travelling rates that members will surely not be paying through the nose.

For over 17 years, Hotels Etc has established its networks worldwide, including Italy, China, Kuwait, Mexico, Japan, India, Canada and the United States. With the Travel and Entertainment Discount Club, members can save for up to $2,000 on their travels across the globe! (Refer to this website, www.hotelsetc.com/comparisons to compare their lowest rates at par to online rates ) Without doubts, Hotels Etc. is classified as the largest travel and entertainment discount club of its kind on the globe!

“We are in the business of helping people save money and that is exactly what we have done and continue to do” – Pigg
Apart from giving full access to the hotel’s entire discount network, (for Lifetime Gold membership only) and a portion of the Hotels discount (for Silver membership), Hotels Etc is also offering a wide array of certificates for members: A buy one get one free airfare, a 3d/2n vacations and $1000 grocery savings.

About Hotels Etc
Hotels Etc is a private travel club that has been providing private discounts to members since 1996. With over one million discounts stretching to 141 countries, Hotels Etc guarantees fun and non-expensive travels, entertainment and recreational expenses.

Media Contact:
Shawn Pigg, CEO
Landline: 678-651-8439

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April 11, 2019


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