April 12, 2019

Golf Courses and how to save money

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Can You Afford the Golf Course?

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy may not have to concern themselves with the high cost of a membership on today’s Golf courses but for everyone else watching them on the television; it can be a costly way to spend their hard earned time away from the office.

In fact, it is now coming to the point where many people are asking the question if they can afford to visit the golf course anymore.

According to NGF surveys in recent years, the average cost for a round of golf in the US is already upward of $70 per person and still rising. Not only is this just an average cost and well below fees of the more popular courses around the Country but it also means in excess of $3,000 per year for any one person to keep up their favorite pastime on a weekly basis.

There is no disputing how most golf courses provide the highest facilities and entertainment options within reach of most neighbor hoods and there is also no disputing that, in a time when people are absorbing the increasingly digital world around them, the need for spending more time in the outdoors on places like the golf course is essential. In fact, there is good reason why most doctors will at some point suggest or prescribe a round of golf, especially for those undergoing a particularly difficult or stressful period.

Unfortunately many golf courses are priced with this scenario in mind and as the general demand or interest for taking up one of the most popular sports in the world grows, so too does the price tag.

This situation is very common and it could suggest that a weekly round of golf might not be financially possible for most people anymore but thankfully there is a solution to help avoiding these high costs associated.

A huge shift has been taking place recently in the online market with regard to booking engines. This change relates to many markets such as travel booking engines but it has also affected most brands or companies who have offered discounts online in the past. Essentially, due to the enforcement of rate parity laws, these websites can no longer advertise offers such as “Golf course discounts” and in general, it has since left a gap in the market for online discounts.

Hotels Etc. is the perfect example of a Company who is leading the way for such offers, deals and discounts. They are exempt from the laws of rate parity meaning they can take advantage by continuing to offer their clients, offers that nobody else can. This applies to many forms of service or product including travel, restaurants and wait for it, Golf Course Discounts. Yes, thanks to Hotels Etc. customers can now avail of huge discounts for golf courses making it possible for almost anyone to enjoy their favorite pastime without having to cover the high costs associated.

Essentially Hotels Etc. specifically negotiate discounts and deals for products or services and then passes on these offers to their members in return for a minimal membership fee. There is no catch, there is no hidden cost and really, there is no good reason not to sign up for a membership.

So if you want great discounts, unrivalled offers and a solution which will enable you to live the way you want, then stop watching Tiger and Rory on the television, get signed up to Hotels Etc. and get out there onto the golf course, today.

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April 12, 2019


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