December 30, 2020

Holiday Travel

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words “
holiday travel” can strike
fear in the heart of even the most seasoned travelers, but traveling during
holiday seasons doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you have two or ten
people that you need to get somewhere, sit back and enjoy the holidays without
worrying about travel.

biggest concern most people have with holiday travel is that it is expensive.
Unfortunately, the holidays are a high season for many destinations, and so
prices are higher both for transport and lodging.

what you’re getting into by planning travel routes well in advance. For
drivers, interstates and highways are going to be the most prone to traffic
backups, so try and find a route that avoids these. While the distance may look
longer on a map, you’ll be surprised at how much faster you can get to where
you need to be by avoiding main thoroughfares at the holidays.

you’re flying to a holiday travel destination, there may be ways to reduce
costs substantially by taking connecting flights or booking extra trip legs.
While this doesn’t seem to make sense, there are many cases when spending more
time in the air will substantially relieve the stress on your wallet.

people hate traveling over the holidays because, to put it bluntly, other
people can be annoying. If a long car ride is in your future, make sure you
have plenty of snacks and distractions to keep your passengers happy. If you’re
traveling alone, bring plenty of music and easy-to-eat foods so you can avoid
stopping for meals and don’t get too bored.

during the holidays can be a nightmare, so be sure to bring those comforts that
will help you tolerate those around you. Earplugs are great for reducing noise
levels in the air, and can be the difference between a peaceful flight and
spending hours trapped near a crying baby. Most airlines don’t offer food for
free anymore, or only give meals for long flights, so stock up on snacks to
make sure you’re comfortable during a flight. If airline concessions are too
pricey, buy some food in advance, but make sure it meets TSA guidelines.

excess of baggage will only slow you down, so try and keep it to the bare
minimum. If traveling with gifts, ship any large items ahead of time, which
will typically be cheaper than checking a bag if flying, and will certainly cut
down on time spent at the airport.

possible, it’s great to try and plan holiday travel to leave a little earlier
or later than everyone else. Trying to drive to a destination the day before
Thanksgiving may mean being stuck in traffic that quickly turns three hours to
six, so you may save substantial time (and headaches) by trying to leave first
thing Thanksgiving Day. The same goes for Christmas Eve and other peak travel
days. Check your local news for updates if you’re not sure if your area is

stress about holiday travel, and take a few precautions to get there quickly
and cheaply.

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December 30, 2020


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