March 12, 2019

How to Afford More Vacations

Hotels Etc.

How To Afford
More Vacations

With there being no signs for a reduction in
the cost of living, it couldn’t be a worse time for discounts and special
offers to disappear from the online world but that’s exactly what has been
happening in the travel industry recently.

However, there is one particular way to
avoid the associated high costs and be able to afford your next vacation.

Emerging Travel
Markets & Changes

It may feel as though the online world has
been around forever but in truth, it is still a completely new concept and the
ever changing nature of this world has seen businesses often struggle to
understand the how to communicate their messages to customers.

Ultimately whether they provide a superior
service, a reliable end product or the best price, it’s all about value.

The travel industry in particular has grown
exponentially over the past decade and a new brand with even lowers prices
seems to emerge every few Months. However, all of this is changing.

“Rate Parity”

The big news to hit the market recently may
have gone unnoticed by the consumer but this is largely to the fact that such
news has had devastating consequences on the big travel brands.

A law by the name of “Rate Parity” was
introduced to the industry which effectively means that all brands must
advertise or offer the same price across all distribution channels. The reason
this has hit the travel brands hard is because it now restricts them from
offering their customers discounts or even the best price.

The best example of this can be seen with
Expedia which is an Umbrella organisation who also owns many smaller brands
such as Orbitz or Travelocity. No longer can they offer a lower price on one of
their websites, they must all be the same i.e. No hotel discounts, no flight

In this sense, the value provided by such
Companies seems to have all but disappeared.

Where Are The

It’s the simple question that consumers want
to know, it has always been the question the buyer needs to know; Where are the
best hotel discounts? Where can I find the best cruise deals?

What is clear, the best prices, discounts
and offers can no longer be found where they used to be.

Rate parity laws have had a dramatic effect
on the service being provided online but thankfully there are still amazing
discounts out there and these can be found on

Hotels Etc is a company that has been around
for 20 years, they have a triple A rating and 4 Million customers. So why can
they continue to provide these discounts and added value to their clients?

A technical exemption to the new laws being
introduced are Membership clubs and Hotels Etc. are in fact a Membership club
as opposed to a booking engine or agency. This has allowed them not only to
continue offering amazing discounts but also to grow as a result in the news affecting
the other brands.

When you sign up to Hotels Etc, you get a
private membership card and instant access to discounts for everything from
Hotel rooms (obviously), restaurant, golf course and movie theatre discounts.

Spending Less
All Year Round, Travel More

Hotels Etc is really the only online
business still providing outstanding genuine value to their clients and
instantly provides the savvy consumer with an opportunity to spend less and
afford more travel.

It allows you discounts on all types of
costs, some of which are even “day to day expenses” so not only will you save
money in the run up to your next vacation, but you well end up paying a
fraction of the full cost by using the huge discounts on

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March 12, 2019


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