March 12, 2019

How to find discount hotels

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It is the beginning of the year. Business is picking up. It is time to evaluate where your company is placed in terms of performance. Now is the time to break out and take the world of business by storm. In order to do that you need a team committed to their goal. Team building exercises can achieve wonders in doing this. The business owner who knows how to find discount hotel rates should have no problem arranging his team building exercises at a very reasonable rate.

Of course the secret to finding the best rates for individuals as well as teams starts at the Hotels Etc website where you can buy your membership card. This will become your passport to a world of savings. This is the place where the clever business owner will start when arranging a team building exercise.

These exercises may be all about business but even business should sometimes be mixed with relaxation and reward. It should be a complete break from the working environment. The venue should be chosen carefully. Is it really enough to bring the staff into a stuffy boardroom and expect them to sit and listen to the reports of what was done last year and what should be done this year? Presentations meant to motivate should be vibrant and alive. Boardrooms are small, dark places. They do not motivate, they depress. The wide open spaces and relaxed atmosphere of a top resort or good hotel is a far better place to motivate your workforce to think and start solving problems.

Team building should be more than talk, talk, talk. It should be about innovative challenges presented in an enjoyable way in an environment that does not scream business all the time. Business problems are not always solved in the office. They are sometimes solved through social interaction. Team building in the great outdoors is an ideal opportunity solving problems through interaction.

Many resorts offer just the environment you need for magnificent team building weekends. The secret to finding them is membership of Hotels etc, the hotel club where all members soon learn how to find discount hotel rates that matter.

Hotels Etc has negotiated big discounts with thousands of hotels and resorts. Joining them will change your perception of what is within reach when you book accommodation.

You could even introduce a competition with a few days at a top hotel as first prize to get the best out of your employees but works best if you know how to find discount hotel rates.

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March 12, 2019


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