March 12, 2019

How to get the best travel discounts

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Life without travelling would be very sad
and plain. It refreshes our mind, helps us change the perspective and gives us
new energy and ideas for the future. Travelling and exploring our lovely planet
provides us with great memories and experiences that we will cherish and pass
on as stories to our grandchildren. We all want to travel as much as possible
and if we are smart, we can travel and save lots of money, too. Smart travelers
plan their trips ahead, search for the best prices and usually plan their trip
outside school holidays and the high season. Smart travelers know that the
airline tickets are way cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesday, resorts offer best
deals on Sundays and hotels charge less during the mid-week.

With rate parity being enforced, consumers are scrambling to find a true travel discount.

Before you travel, first decide where you
want to go and research the location, the attractions and activities. Then
check online to get an idea of prices. You can save money on travel by staying
at cheaper hotels, joining a chain’s loyalty program, using a travel reward
credit cards, being flexible with travel dates, using discounts for members of
a professional association, negotiating with the hotel, taking two flights
instead of a direct one or buying a package. Another perfect way to save a nice
heap of banknotes is by becoming a member of the travel discount site like
Hotels Etc. The membership is only $99 a year.
But you can save more if
you get the lifetime subscription for $995. It’s not a lot if you consider the
sum the membership saves you on all vacations of your life.
Hotels Etc. is committed to offer
you superb discounts with a secure system to make your bookings and purchases.
They are all about customer satisfaction so you won’t regret joining them.

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March 12, 2019


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