February 26, 2021

How to save money for your next vacation

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It’s sad that to see that in a time when
travel, vacations and far away places have never been more accessible, many
families and couples in particular are still unable to take the vacation of
their dreams.

It’s sad because it really is possible for
just about anyone to take these trips, provided they learn to get the most out
of their hard earned cash. Here are the three simple steps which outline
exactly how to save money for your next vacation.

Spend Less, Save

It sounds simple but it’s true. Spending
money unnecessarily is usually the first factor that can rule out a vacation
for most people.

The truth is, whether we like to acknowledge
it or not, the digital age of increased advertising, marketing and social
awareness has also increased the amount of money we spend on unnecessary items.
Studies have shown that the more people buy, the happier they think they will
be when really; we can only wear so many clothes, we don’t really need a new
pair of shoes and is it necessary to break the bank for a new car when you can
find an equally good vehicle second hand?

The fact is, if you learn to break some bad
spending habits and learn to make some small sacrifices throughout the year,
you can look forward to a well-deserved travel experience later in the year.

Be Vigilant With
Your Savings

Let’s be honest, we have all put money aside
to be saved for something special but then failed to resist the temptation of
dipping into these savings somewhere along the way.

You need to be vigilant with the money you
decide to save. It is no use working hard to save the cash or making the effort
to avoid spending over a sustained period, if you will then take an unexpected
lump sum out of it before you originally intended on doing so.

The best way to avoid a situation like this
is by setting up or utilising a separate savings account. Most banks will set
up such an account for free and it offers you the perfect opportunity to have
an account specifically for your next vacation or trip.

Make a commitment to not touching this
account and set up electronic payments which will direct a specific amount into
the account on pay day.

The fact is, if you stick to this plan and
remain vigilant, you will be going on vacation this year.

Vacations & Special Offers

Even people who are earning minimum wage in today’s
economy are now able to afford a vacation each year. How?

Vacation discounts & Hotel deals with Hotelsetc.com. 

Here’s the important part; The online travel market has had a major change recently in that the
popular booking engines, you once used to pick out your previous vacations, are
no longer able to offer customers the discounts they have done in the past.
This is due to the introduction of “Rate parity” laws which disallow these
websites from offering reduced rates from that of the supplier.

However, there is one exception to these
laws by way of Membership clubs such as Hotelsetc.com who negotiate huge
discounts with an endless number of suppliers and then pass on these amazing
offers to their members.

These discounts apply
to a huge range of products or services, anything from hotel rooms, cruises, andrestaurant
to a round of golf.

It’s as easy as
signing up with Hotels Etc. and then using your hard earned savings to
pick out the best offer to suit your next vacation.

They may sound simple
but the above steps on how to afford your next vacation are the difference
between staying at home and taking an amazing trip later in the year.

So get saving, stay
vigilant and sign up with Hotels Etc.

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February 26, 2021


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