Exclusive Member Deals

We Have Exclusive Deals That Can Save You Up To 65%!

So, just how do we manage to give you deals better than all other travel engines out there?

The Trick….

Hotels reserve HIDDEN RATES for Travel Agents, Hotel Employees, and Unsold Rooms. Thinking about a hotel that costs $200 per night? Get it for $60 instead. Our members typically save 20-70% vs. the “Big Booking” sites.

Why Do I Need To Be A Member To Get These Rates?

Hotels sign contracts with the “Big Booking” sites agreeing to never PUBLICLY show better rates. This is why you find hotel prices are about the same across all sites. But there is a LOOPHOLE.

What Is The Loophole For Getting Up to 70% Off Hotels?

Hotels can list huge discounts only if the rates are private to a MEMBERSHIP. By having you log in to search secret hotel prices and charging you $12 (that’s $1 per month) for membership, we are here to be that private membership, allowing you to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on hotels.

Travel at least once a year? Compare our rates to ANY of the “big booking” sites, and save enough to go on twice as many vacations.

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We want to to give you the best medical service regardless of where you are, and we understand that your doctor cannot travel with you – so we are making them accessible to you anytime, anywhere!

Saving on Entertainment has never been easier! Are you planning on going to the movies? Are you planning on visiting a theme park? Do you plan on eating at a restaurant? This is the deal for you…

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