March 2, 2020

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Club memberships

Club memberships allow members the right to
the use of properties owned by a club. These properties are ideally resorts or
hotels. The members are entitled to holiday in the properties and each member
is allotted a specific number of days. The club memberships can be owned
partially or leased for a certain period of time.


The concept of club memberships has gained
popularity in today’s travel friendly world. Clubs offer a range of travel and
holiday options. They are always devising new and attractive ideas for
vacations and members enjoy the benefit of choosing from some very exciting
destinations not only in India but all over the world as well.


The holiday destinations thought of by
membership clubs attempt to give members a home away from home. The
accommodations include the comfort of a hall, bedroom and kitchen. The
buildings available for stay can be cottages or a joint set up of more than two
bedrooms to accommodate two or more families as per the members’
specifications. An attractive advantage is the use of a fully equipped kitchen
and a dining area. The kitchen has a cooking space and utensils along with
basic electrical equipment like a kettle and coffee maker and a convenient
refrigerator. Many other electrical appliances like a television, a fully
automatic washing machine, a stereo system, a DVD player are also provided.


The many amenities provided by club for its
members include swimming pools, a spa, Jacuzzi and gym. Various sports
activities can also be indulged in by members in the club’s badminton,
basketball and tennis courts and cricket ground. Golf lovers can enjoy a game
or two in the golf courses. Lots of water activities will also be arranged by
the clubs like boating and water sports. Every club will definitely have the
arrangement of a play area for children along with a number of activities
planned for them.


Once you have a club membership, you have
an endless choice of vacations to choose from. Added to that the benefit of
flexibility in having alternative choices in terms of the destinations, size of
the accommodation needed and the time of year to plan a vacation is also
provided by the clubs. Many times members can exchange with other clubs if the
clubs have a tie-up agreement. By doing this, the members end up having more
choices not only in the destinations available but also with any other special
packages dealt with these clubs such as specialized tours around the globe or
specially planned cruises.


Club membership takes out the hassle of
planning a holiday every time you want to take one. Once you are a member, any
vacation you want to take, even at a future date, is taken care of at the price
you have procured the membership and also for the specific number of days you
want to holiday.

A one-time investment ?is all that takes to have that vacation at your finger tip.

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March 2, 2020


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