April 2, 2021

Start Your Business is The Easy Solution to Unemployment

Hotels Etc.

Easy solution to unemployment is to start your business

Loganville, GA/April 6, 2010—“In today’s economy you will need to buy your next job, not apply for it,” says Hotels, Etc. CEO Shawn Pigg.

It’s sad but true. Even with the slow upturn in today’s economy thousands are still struggling to deal with the loss of their jobs due to downsizing and outsourcing. Families are struggling to pay their bills and keep food on the table. Hotels, Etc. is offering them a second chance at financial freedom by becoming an independent distributor with the company’s one of a kind travel discount program.

“With unemployment being so high and companies not hiring, Hotels, Etc. can help you make extra income by helping people save money,” says Pigg. “Hotels, Etc. is the only lifetime travel and entertainment discount program on earth.”

Unlike ordinary travel discount programs, which require you to buy in bulk to enjoy peak savings, Hotels, Etc. provides a lifetime membership in a guaranteed discount system that can save 50-70% on all travel associated costs. Discounts are pre-negotiated, so savings are guaranteed.

“Every day hotels, cruises, car rentals, golf courses, airlines, restaurants, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, movie theaters, attractions, museums and many other travel and entertainment organizations are teaming up with Hotels Etc. to be part of the largest volume discount provider in the travel and entertainment industry,” states Pigg.

For a limited time entrepreneurs have the opportunity to become a part of this unique program for only $1 down. Hotels, Etc. will provide complete training, a customizable website, a distributor section and training calls. New distributors also have the opportunity to run their own 30 minute infomercial and 60 second TV commercial with the help of the pros at Hotels, Etc. .

Simple. Easy. Cheap. And with Hotels, Etc.’s money back guarantee there’s nothing to lose.

Hotels, Etc. has been doing business in the United States and in 141 countries around the globe for the past 14 years. The company is focused on helping business owners increase revenue, members save money and entrepreneurs make an extra income.

“[This is] the right place and the right time,” says Pigg.

For more information on becoming an independent distributor with Hotels, Etc., visit them on the web at www.HotelsEtc.com.

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April 2, 2021


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